December 24 All Events

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December 24th, 2007 (December 24 2007)DeathNicholas Pumfrey, British judge (born in 1951)
December 24th, 2007 (December 24 2007)DeathAkbar Radi, Iranian dramatist and playwright (born in 1939)
December 24th, 2006 (December 24 2006)Death"Braguinha", Brazilian songwriter (born in 1907)
December 24th, 2006 (December 24 2006)DeathKenneth Sivertsen, Norwegian singer, poet and comedian (born in 1961)
December 24th, 2006 (December 24 2006)DeathFrank Stanton, American television executive (born in 1908)
December 24th, 2005 (December 24 2005)DeathMichael Vale, American commercial actor (born in 1922)
December 24th, 2004 (December 24 2004)DeathJohnny Oates, baseball player and manager (born in 1946)
December 24th, 2003 (December 24 2003)EventThe Spanish police thwart an attempt by ETA to detonate 50 kg of explosives at 3:55 p.m. inside Madrid s busy Chamartin Station.
December 24th, 2002 (December 24 2002)DeathKjell Aukrust, Norwegian author (born in 1920)
December 24th, 2002 (December 24 2002)DeathLaci Peterson, American murder victim (born in 1975)
December 24th, 2000 (December 24 2000)EventThe Texas 7 hold up a sports store in Irving, Texas. Police officer Aubrey Hawkins is shot during the robbery.
December 24th, 2000 (December 24 2000)DeathJohn Cooper, English race car designer (born in 1923)
December 24th, 2000 (December 24 2000)DeathNick Massi, American singer (The Four Seasons) (born in 1935)
December 24th, 1999 (December 24 1999)DeathJoao Baptista de Oliveira Figueiredo, President of Brazil (born in 1918)
December 24th, 1999 (December 24 1999)DeathMaurice Couve de Murville, French politician, Prime minister of France (born in 1907)
December 24th, 1999 (December 24 1999)DeathBill Bowerman, American track and field coachBill Bowerman Quotes
December 24th, 1997 (December 24 1997)EventThe Sid El-Antri massacre (or Sidi Lamri) in Algeria kills 50-100 people.
December 24th, 1997 (December 24 1997)EventThe Dominican Republic becomes a member of the Berne Convention copyright treaty.
December 24th, 1997 (December 24 1997)DeathToshiro Mifune, Japanese actor (born in 1920)
December 24th, 1997 (December 24 1997)DeathPierre Peladeau, Quebec businessman, founder of Quebecor (born in 1925)
December 24th, 1994 (December 24 1994)DeathJohn Boswell, American historian (born in 1947)
December 24th, 1994 (December 24 1994)DeathRossano Brazzi, Italian actor and singer (born in 1916)
December 24th, 1993 (December 24 1993)DeathNorman Vincent Peale, American writer (born in 1898)
December 24th, 1992 (December 24 1992)BirthMelissa Suffield, English actress
December 24th, 1992 (December 24 1992)DeathPeyo, Belgian comics artist, and creator of The Smurfs (born in 1928)
December 24th, 1992 (December 24 1992)DeathBobby LaKind, American musician and singer (The Doobie Brothers) (born in 1945)
December 24th, 1990 (December 24 1990)DeathThorbjorn Egner, Norwegian author (born in 1922)
December 24th, 1987 (December 24 1987)DeathJoop den Uyl, Prime Minister of the Netherlands (born in 1919)
December 24th, 1987 (December 24 1987)DeathM. G. Ramachandran, Chief Minister of the Tamil Nadu (born in 1917)
December 24th, 1986 (December 24 1986)BirthEdward Southall, British composer
December 24th, 1986 (December 24 1986)BirthRiyo Mori, Miss Universe 2007 from Japan
December 24th, 1986 (December 24 1986)DeathGardner Fox, American writer (born in 1911)
December 24th, 1985 (December 24 1985)BirthDavid Ragan, American race car driver
December 24th, 1985 (December 24 1985)DeathRobert Todd Lincoln Beckwith, Last Lincoln descendant (born in 1904)
December 24th, 1984 (December 24 1984)DeathPeter Lawford, British actor (born in 1923)
December 24th, 1982 (December 24 1982)BirthAiba Masaki, Japanese singer and actor Saki Quotes
December 24th, 1982 (December 24 1982)BirthRobert Carmine, American singer
December 24th, 1982 (December 24 1982)DeathLouis Aragon, French writer (born in 1897)
December 24th, 1981 (December 24 1981)BirthDima Bilan, Karachay-Russian pop artist
December 24th, 1980 (December 24 1980)BirthTomas Kalnoky, American musician (Streetlight Manifesto)
December 24th, 1980 (December 24 1980)DeathKarl Donitz, German naval admiral, and last leader of Nazi Germany (born in 1891)Karl Donitz Quotes
December 24th, 1980 (December 24 1980)DeathSiggie Nordstrom, model, actress, entertainer, socialite and lead singer of The Nordstrom Sisters (born in 1893)
December 24th, 1979 (December 24 1979)EventThe Soviet Union invades Afghanistan to support the country s Marxist government.
December 24th, 1979 (December 24 1979)EventThe first European Ariane rocket is launched.
December 24th, 1979 (December 24 1979)BirthChris Hero, American professional wrestler
December 24th, 1978 (December 24 1978)BirthY?ld?ray Basturk, Turkish footballer
December 24th, 1977 (December 24 1977)DeathSamael Aun Weor, Columbian writer (born in 1917)
December 24th, 1976 (December 24 1976)DeathDuarte Nuno, Duke of Braganza, heir to the throne of Portugal (born in 1907)
December 24th, 1975 (December 24 1975)DeathBernard Herrmann, American film composer (born in 1911)
December 24th, 1974 (December 24 1974)EventCyclone Tracy devastates Darwin, Australia.
December 24th, 1974 (December 24 1974)BirthMarcelo Salas, Chilean footballer
December 24th, 1974 (December 24 1974)BirthRyan Seacrest, American television host
December 24th, 1973 (December 24 1973)BirthEddie Pope, American soccer player
December 24th, 1973 (December 24 1973)BirthStephenie Meyer, AuthorStephenie Meyer Quotes
December 24th, 1972 (December 24 1972)BirthAlvaro Mesen, Costa Rican footballer
December 24th, 1972 (December 24 1972)DeathGisela Richter, British art historian (born in 1882)
December 24th, 1972 (December 24 1972)DeathMelville Ruick, American actor (born in 1898)
December 24th, 1971 (December 24 1971)BirthChristopher Daniels, American professional wrestler
December 24th, 1971 (December 24 1971)BirthRicky Martin, Puerto Rican singer
December 24th, 1971 (December 24 1971)BirthGiorgos Alkaios, Greek singer
December 24th, 1971 (December 24 1971)DeathMaria Koepcke, ornithologist (born in 1924)
December 24th, 1970 (December 24 1970)BirthAmaury Nolasco, American actor
December 24th, 1970 (December 24 1970)BirthWill Oldham, American singer and songwriter
December 24th, 1969 (December 24 1969)BirthMark Millar, Scottish comic book writer
December 24th, 1968 (December 24 1968)EventThe crew of the USS Pueblo is released by North Korea after being held for 11 months on suspicion of spying.
December 24th, 1968 (December 24 1968)EventApollo Program: The crew of Apollo 8 enters into orbit around the Moon, becoming the first humans to do so. They performed 10 lunar orbits and broadcast live TV pictures that became the famous Christmas Eve Broadcast, one of the most watched programs in history.
December 24th, 1968 (December 24 1968)BirthDoyle Bramhall II, American guitarist
December 24th, 1968 (December 24 1968)BirthMarleen Renders, Belgian athlete
December 24th, 1967 (December 24 1967)BirthMikhail Shchennikov, Russian race walker
December 24th, 1966 (December 24 1966)EventA Canadair CL-44 chartered by the United States military crashes into a small village in South Vietnam, killing 129.
December 24th, 1966 (December 24 1966)BirthDiedrich Bader, American actor
December 24th, 1965 (December 24 1965)DeathWilliam M. Branham, Christian minister (born in 1906)
December 24th, 1964 (December 24 1964)BirthMark Valley, American actor
December 24th, 1963 (December 24 1963)BirthJay Bilas, American basketball analyst
December 24th, 1963 (December 24 1963)BirthMary Ramsey, American singer (10,000 Maniacs)
December 24th, 1963 (December 24 1963)BirthCaroline Aherne, British comedienne, writer and actress
December 24th, 1961 (December 24 1961)BirthIlham Aliyev, President of Azerbaijan Republic
December 24th, 1961 (December 24 1961)BirthJay Wright, American basketball coach
December 24th, 1960 (December 24 1960)BirthGlenn McQueen, American animator (died in 2002)
December 24th, 1960 (December 24 1960)BirthCarol Vorderman, British television presenter
December 24th, 1959 (December 24 1959)BirthKeith Deller, British darts player
December 24th, 1959 (December 24 1959)BirthAnil Kapoor, Indian actor
December 24th, 1958 (December 24 1958)EventCuba On December 24 and Blessed by the pope ["El Cristo de La Habana"] ][1]"(Havana s Christ) was erected for the first time. The marble sculpture is the work of Jilma Madera and its the biggest free standing sculpture made by a woman in the world.
December 24th, 1958 (December 24 1958)BirthMunetaka Higuchi, Japanese drummer
December 24th, 1957 (December 24 1957)BirthHamid Karzai, President of AfghanistanHamid Karzai Quotes
December 24th, 1957 (December 24 1957)BirthDiane Tell, Quebec singer
December 24th, 1957 (December 24 1957)DeathNorma Talmadge, American actress (born in 1893)
December 24th, 1955 (December 24 1955)BirthGrand L. Bush, American actor
December 24th, 1955 (December 24 1955)BirthClarence Gilyard, American actor
December 24th, 1954 (December 24 1954)BirthJose Maria Figueres, Costa Rican politician
December 24th, 1953 (December 24 1953)EventTangiwai disaster: A railway bridge is destroyed by a lahar at Tangiwai, in the Central North Island of New Zealand, sending a fully loaded passenger train into the Whangaehu River, and killing 153 people.
December 24th, 1953 (December 24 1953)BirthFrancois Loos, French politician
December 24th, 1951 (December 24 1951)EventLibya becomes independent from Italy. Idris I is proclaimed King of Libya.
December 24th, 1951 (December 24 1951)BirthJohn D Acquisto, baseball player
December 24th, 1950 (December 24 1950)BirthDana Gioia, American poetDana Gioia Quotes
December 24th, 1949 (December 24 1949)BirthRandy Neugebauer, American politician
December 24th, 1949 (December 24 1949)BirthWarwick Brown, Australian racing driver
December 24th, 1948 (December 24 1948)BirthFrank Oliver, New Zealand rugby player
December 24th, 1947 (December 24 1947)BirthKevin Sheedy, coach of Australian Football League club Essendon FC
December 24th, 1946 (December 24 1946)EventFrance s Fourth Republic is founded.
December 24th, 1946 (December 24 1946)BirthBrenda Howard, American bisexual activist (died in 2005)
December 24th, 1946 (December 24 1946)BirthJeff Sessions, American politician
December 24th, 1945 (December 24 1945)BirthLemmy, British singer, bassist (Motorhead)
December 24th, 1945 (December 24 1945)BirthNicholas Meyer, American author
December 24th, 1945 (December 24 1945)BirthSteve Smith, Canadian Comedian, The New Red Green Show, Duct Tape Forever
December 24th, 1944 (December 24 1944)BirthDaniel Johnson, Jr., Quebec politician, Premier of Quebec
December 24th, 1944 (December 24 1944)BirthMike Curb, American musician, record company executive and politician
December 24th, 1944 (December 24 1944)BirthOswald Gracias, Roman Catholic Archbishop of Bombay
December 24th, 1944 (December 24 1944)BirthBarry Chuckle, British comedianChuck D Quotes
December 24th, 1943 (December 24 1943)EventWorld War II: U.S. General Dwight D. Eisenhower becomes the Supreme Allied Commander.Dwight D. Eisenhower Quotes
December 24th, 1943 (December 24 1943)BirthTarja Halonen, President of Finland
December 24th, 1942 (December 24 1942)EventWorld War II: French monarchist, Fernand Bonnier de La Chapelle, assassinates Vichy French Admiral Francois Darlan in Algiers.
December 24th, 1942 (December 24 1942)DeathFrancois Darlan, vice-premier of Vichy France (born in 1881)
December 24th, 1941 (December 24 1941)EventWorld War II: Hong Kong falls to the Japanese Imperial Army.
December 24th, 1941 (December 24 1941)EventWorld War II: Kuching is conquered by Japanese forces.
December 24th, 1941 (December 24 1941)BirthJohn Levene, British actor
December 24th, 1941 (December 24 1941)DeathSiegfried Alkan, German composer (born in 1858)
December 24th, 1939 (December 24 1939)EventWorld War II: Pope Pius XII makes a Christmas Eve appeal for peace.
December 24th, 1938 (December 24 1938)BirthBobby Henrich, American baseball player
December 24th, 1938 (December 24 1938)BirthValentim Loureiro, Portuguese politician, and former football chairman of Boavista F.C. and Liga Portuguesa de Futebol Profissional
December 24th, 1938 (December 24 1938)DeathBruno Taut, German architect (born in 1880)
December 24th, 1937 (December 24 1937)BirthFelix Mieli Venerando, Brazilian football player
December 24th, 1935 (December 24 1935)DeathAlban Berg, Austrian composer (born in 1885)Alban Berg Quotes
December 24th, 1934 (December 24 1934)BirthStjepan Mesic, president of Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Secretary General of Non-Aligned Movement and president of Croatia.
December 24th, 1932 (December 24 1932)BirthOn Kawara, Japanese conceptual artist
December 24th, 1931 (December 24 1931)BirthMauricio Kagel, Argentine composer
December 24th, 1931 (December 24 1931)BirthRay Bryant, American jazz pianist and composer
December 24th, 1929 (December 24 1929)EventAssassination attempt on Argentine President Hipolito Yrigoyen.
December 24th, 1927 (December 24 1927)BirthMary Higgins Clark, American author
December 24th, 1926 (December 24 1926)BirthPaul Buissonneau, French-born Quebec theatre director
December 24th, 1925 (December 24 1925)BirthMohdied in Rafi, Indian actor and playback singer (died in 1980)
December 24th, 1924 (December 24 1924)EventAlbania becomes a republic.
December 24th, 1924 (December 24 1924)BirthLee Dorsey, American singer (died in 1986)
December 24th, 1924 (December 24 1924)BirthGrigory Kriss, Russian Olympic champion fencer
December 24th, 1923 (December 24 1923)BirthGeorge Patton IV, American general (died in 2004)
December 24th, 1923 (December 24 1923)BirthMichael DiBiase, American wrestler (died in 1969)
December 24th, 1922 (December 24 1922)BirthAva Gardner, American actress (died in 1990)
December 24th, 1920 (December 24 1920)BirthEvgeniya Rudneva, Russian World War II heroine (died in 1944)
December 24th, 1917 (December 24 1917)BirthKim Jong-suk, Wife of Kim Il-sung, mother of Kim Jung-Il, "The Heroine of the Anti-Japanese Revolution" (died in 1949)
December 24th, 1914 (December 24 1914)EventWorld War I: The "Christmas truce" begins.
December 24th, 1914 (December 24 1914)BirthRalph Marterie, American trumpet player and big band leader (died in 1978)
December 24th, 1914 (December 24 1914)BirthHerbert Reinecker, German writer
December 24th, 1914 (December 24 1914)DeathJohn Muir, British naturalist (born in 1838)John Muir Quotes
December 24th, 1910 (December 24 1910)BirthFritz Leiber, American writer (died in 1992)Fritz Leiber Quotes
December 24th, 1910 (December 24 1910)BirthMax Miedinger, typeface designer, famous for creating Helvetica in 1957. (died in 1980)
December 24th, 1907 (December 24 1907)BirthI. F. Stone, American journalist (died in 1989)I. F. Stone Quotes
December 24th, 1906 (December 24 1906)EventRadio: Reginald Fessenden transmits the first radio broadcast; consisting of a poetry reading, a violin solo, and a speech.
December 24th, 1906 (December 24 1906)BirthFranz Waxman, German film composer (died in 1967)
December 24th, 1905 (December 24 1905)BirthHoward Hughes, American film producer and inventor (died in 1976)
December 24th, 1904 (December 24 1904)BirthJoseph Moses Juran, American industrial engineer and philanthropist.
December 24th, 1900 (December 24 1900)BirthJoey Smallwood, Canadian politician, Premier of Newfoundland (died in 1991)
December 24th, 1898 (December 24 1898)BirthHector Scarone, Uruguayan footballer (died in 1967)
December 24th, 1898 (December 24 1898)BirthBaby Dodds, American jazz drummer (died in 1959)
December 24th, 1898 (December 24 1898)DeathSharbel Makhluf, Lebanese monk canonized in 1977 by Pope Paul VI (born in 1828)
December 24th, 1895 (December 24 1895)BirthE. Roland Harriman, American financier (died in 1978)
December 24th, 1894 (December 24 1894)BirthGeorges Guynemer, French aviator (died in 1917)
December 24th, 1893 (December 24 1893)BirthHarry Warren, American composer and lyricist (Chattanooga Choo ChooI Only Have Eyes for You) (died in 1981)
December 24th, 1889 (December 24 1889)DeathJan Jakob Lodewijk ten Kate, Dutch poet and clergyman (born in 1819)
December 24th, 1887 (December 24 1887)BirthLouis Jouvet, French actor and producer (died in 1951)
December 24th, 1886 (December 24 1886)BirthMichael Curtiz, Hungarian-born director (died in 1962)
December 24th, 1881 (December 24 1881)BirthJuan Ramon Jimenez, Spanish writer, Nobel Prize laureate (died in 1958)
December 24th, 1880 (December 24 1880)BirthJohnny Gruelle, American cartoonist, children s book writer and creator of Raggedy Ann (died in 1939)
December 24th, 1879 (December 24 1879)BirthQueen Alexandrine of Denmark, Queen Consort to Christian X (died in 1952)
December 24th, 1879 (December 24 1879)BirthEmile Nelligan, Quebec poet (died in 1941)
December 24th, 1873 (December 24 1873)DeathJohns Hopkins, Baltimore philanthropist and businessman (born in 1795)
December 24th, 1872 (December 24 1872)DeathWilliam John Macquorn Rankine, British physician and engenier (born in 1820)
December 24th, 1868 (December 24 1868)BirthEmanuel Lasker, German chess player (died in 1941)
December 24th, 1868 (December 24 1868)DeathAdolphe d Archiac, French paleontologist and geologist (born in 1802)
December 24th, 1867 (December 24 1867)BirthKantaro Suzuki, 42nd Prime Minister of Japan (died in 1948)
December 24th, 1865 (December 24 1865)EventSeveral U.S. Civil War Confederate veterans form the Ku Klux Klan.
December 24th, 1865 (December 24 1865)DeathSir Charles Lock Eastlake, British painter and writer (born in 1793)
December 24th, 1863 (December 24 1863)DeathWilliam Makepeace Thackeray, British writer (born in 1811)William Makepeace Thackeray Quotes
December 24th, 1851 (December 24 1851)EventLibrary of Congress burns.
December 24th, 1845 (December 24 1845)BirthKing George I of Greece (died in 1913)
December 24th, 1843 (December 24 1843)BirthLydia Koidula, Estonian poet (died in 1886)
December 24th, 1837 (December 24 1837)BirthElisabeth of Bavaria a.k.a Sissi, Empress of Austria (died in 1898)
December 24th, 1822 (December 24 1822)BirthMatthew Arnold, British poet (died in 1888)Matthew Arnold Quotes
December 24th, 1818 (December 24 1818)BirthJames Prescott Joule, British physicist (died in 1889)
December 24th, 1814 (December 24 1814)EventThe Treaty of Ghent is signed ending the War of 1812.
December 24th, 1813 (December 24 1813)DeathEmpress Go-Sakuramachi of Japan (born in 1740)
December 24th, 1812 (December 24 1812)BirthKarl Eduard Zachariae, German jurist (died in 1894)
December 24th, 1810 (December 24 1810)BirthWilhelm Marstrand, Danish painter (died in 1873)
December 24th, 1809 (December 24 1809)BirthKit Carson, American frontiersman (died in 1868)
December 24th, 1798 (December 24 1798)BirthAdam Mickiewicz, Polish poet (died in 1855)
December 24th, 1784 (December 24 1784)BirthGrand Duchess Elena Pavlovna of Russia (died in 1803)
December 24th, 1777 (December 24 1777)EventKiritimati, also called Christmas Island, is discovered by James Cook.
December 24th, 1761 (December 24 1761)BirthJean-Louis Pons, French astronomer (died in 1831)
December 24th, 1754 (December 24 1754)BirthGeorge Crabbe, British poet and naturalist (died in 1832)George Crabbe Quotes
December 24th, 1745 (December 24 1745)BirthBenjamin Rush, doctor and Founding Father of the United States (died in 1813)
December 24th, 1724 (December 24 1724)BirthJohann Conrad Ammann, Swiss physician and naturalist (died in 1811)
December 24th, 1707 (December 24 1707)DeathNoel Coypel, French painter (born in 1628)
December 24th, 1698 (December 24 1698)BirthWilliam Warburton, English Bishop of Gloucester (died in 1779)
December 24th, 1660 (December 24 1660)DeathMary, Princess Royal and Princess of Orange (born in 1631)
December 24th, 1635 (December 24 1635)BirthMariana of Austria, second wife of king Philip IV of Spain (died in 1696)
December 24th, 1609 (December 24 1609)BirthPhilip Warwick, English writer and politician (died in 1683)
December 24th, 1588 (December 24 1588)BirthConstance of Austria, queen of Poland (died in 1631)
December 24th, 1524 (December 24 1524)DeathVasco da Gama, Portuguese explorer (bc. 1469)
December 24th, 1508 (December 24 1508)BirthPietro Carnesecchi, Italian humanist (died in 1567)
December 24th, 1491 (December 24 1491)BirthIgnatius of Loyola, Spanish founder of the Jesuit order (died in 1556) Ignatius of Loyola Quotes
December 24th, 1475 (December 24 1475)BirthThomas Murner, German writer (d.c. 1537)
December 24th, 1453 (December 24 1453)DeathJohn Dunstaple, English composer (bc. 1390)
December 24th, 1389 (December 24 1389)BirthJohn VI, Duke of Brittany (died in 1442)
December 24th, 1294 (December 24 1294)EventPope Boniface VIII is elected Pope, replacing St. Celestine V, who had abdicated.
December 24th, 1257 (December 24 1257)DeathJohn I, Count of Hainaut (born in 1218)
December 24th, 1166 (December 24 1166)BirthKing John of England (died in 1216)
December 24th, 0820 (December 24 0820)DeathLeo V, Byzantine Emperor (assassinated) (born in 775)
December 24th, 0563 (December 24 0563)EventThe Byzantine church Hagia Sophia in Constantinople is dedicated for the second time after being destroyed by earthquakes.
December 24th, 0427 (December 24 0427)DeathArchbishop Sisinnius I of Constantinople
December 24th, 0003 (December 24 0003)BirthGalba, Roman Emperor (died in 69)

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